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Noria Technologies Signs Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement with Changhong to Produce the Noria W5 Revolutionary Low-Profile Window Air Conditioner for the Connected Home
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"The Noria air conditioner, designed to not be universally hated." -

"This is the solution to air conditioners we've all been waiting for." - Tech Insider

"Noria is a window air conditioner unlike any you've seen before." - The Huffington Post

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" Noria is one of those products where everything that was done in creating it makes complete sense." - Backerjack

"Something Apple might have designed." - The Upscout

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"The Noria from Likuma Laboratories is shaping up to be a contender as an intriguing cooling solution..." - Design Milk

"In addition to being the easiest air conditioner to install in the history of the device, Noria has a single knob for temperature regulation that allows advanced scheduling via an app for both iOS and Android. - Cool Material

"Noria looks a helluva lot cleaner, slimmer and generally more pleasing..." - Dude I Want That!!!

"Noria has so many practical and enjoyable features that you will be shocked that you ever used those big, ugly units at all." - Philadelphia

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"Better climate control with less energy used." - Gizmag

"Window air units might keep you cool, but their design is the stuff of nightmares: heavy awkward boxes that block your view, are a pain to install, and sound like a robot with pertussis.  The Noria air conditioner is a re imagining of the window unit form the ground up, with the aim of alleviating all those problems." - Uncrate

"Upgrade your air conditioner with the sleek and stylish Noria". - Hypebeast

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"Sedentary lifestyles and office jobs has many consumers spending more time indoors than ever before, which is increasing the need for products that enhance the atmosphere like the Noria window air conditioner." - Trend Hunter

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"A Philly hardware firm built a 'smart' air conditioner you'll actually wanna use." - Philly