Can Noria be placed vertically in a window?

Noria is currently designed to only be placed horizontally. There are a number of engineering issues that must be addressed before Noria could be placed vertically, including compressor lubrication and condensate dripping. However, given the feedback from many interested parties, we are exploring incorporating this into the design as we move forward with production. However, potential backers should note that we cannot commit to accommodating a vertical installation at this time.

What type of window can Noria be installed in?

Noria can be installed in single or double-hung window frames.

What size window will Noria fit into?

Noria can be installed in windows 21'' to 36'' wide.

Must I remove my window screen before installing Noria?

Yes, the screen must be removed or slid out of the way before installing Noria.

When will Noria be available in my country?

Accommodating the electrical and regulatory requirements of each country will take time, and we can only commit to delivering Noria in the United States and Canada at this time.

What type of filter will Noria have?

Noria will have a standard screen filter that we recommend cleaning once per season. This filter is used to prevent dust from clogging the evaporator coils and is not meant to improve room air quality with regard to pollen, dust, or smoke.

Can I control Noria from outside my home?

No, currently Noria is only Bluetooth enabled. Schedule creation and temperature adjustments made through the app will only work within your home.

While we are exploring the option to connect to the internet via Wifi, this is a substantial undertaking that we will potentially revisit during the project.

How does Noria remove the condensed water from inside the unit?

Noria's window frame adapter is designed to tilt the unit 3-degrees up so that the condensate can collect and drip outside of the window it's installed into. Noria will protrude about 8-9'' from the window, which will prevent water from dripping down the side of the building.

Is there a warranty?

Noria will ship with a 1-year warranty.

Can Noria be pushed back into the room from the outside?

No. Noria's frame adapter has spring-loaded locking cleats that latch once Noria is inserted. These cleats provide three functions.

1. Prevent someone from outside the home pushing Noria inside, 

2. Prevent a child from pulling Noria into the room on top of themselves, 

3. Allow Noria to pass the UL structural loading test which applies 400 pounds of downforce to the top of Noria on the outside of the building.

How far will Noria protrude from the window outside?

About 8-9'' of the unit will extend outside.

Is Noria lighter than existing window AC units?

Noria is approximately 8 pounds lighter than current window air conditioners of similar capacity. The ergonomics of Noria’s installation and handle contribute significantly to its ease of installation in addition to the moderate reduction in weight. Precise weight figures will be available as the project nears completion.

Will Noria have a heating function?

No, Noria’s heat pump only works one way – to cool the inside of a room.

Will Noria be HomeKit enabled?

Most likely not. Even though HomeKit allows both WiFi and Bluetooth, it's giving Bluetooth some issues regarding intensive processing demands for generating and sending security keys. Apple is requiring device makers using both WiFi and Bluetooth LE to use a complicated encryption with 3072-bit keys. Apple also requires an MFI certification program which requires device makers to install an authentication chip in their product as well as go through extensive usability testing to ensure the products live up to Apple’s standards. And with each change, companies have to send more prototypes over to Apple’s headquarters to be tested. If Apple isn’t happy, the companies have to go through another round.

How much does it cost to run Noria?

Noria will cost about $50.00 to run during the summer months. This is an extremely rough estimation, based on the following calculation:

0.480 kilowatts x 9.5 hours of cooling per day x 90 cooling days per season x $0.12 per kilowatt hour = $49 dollars a summer.

Your energy needs will vary depending on your geography, how hot the summer is, how what temperature you set the room to, and how much electricity costs in your locale.

Can Noria run on batteries or solar power?

Noria is a 480 W, 110-120 V AC appliance.  It can be powered by an appropriately sized solar and/or energy storage system with an inverter and appropriate electronics.  Please contact us at contact@noriahome.com if you require further details.

Will Noria be available in any other colors?

Perhaps in the future, but for now Noria will only be available in a single color scheme.

Can I pick up my Noria to save on shipping if I live in or near Philadelphia?

Unfortunately, no. Kickstarter does not allow us to vary the shipping based on geographic location, and we aren't certain about where fulfillment will occur yet, either. Sorry about that!

Will Noria display Celsius?

The numbers printed around the knob are in Fahrenheit. We will include a Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion via the App.

What maintenance is required for Noria?

The refrigerant and lubricant are hermetically sealed during manufacture, so no serious maintenance will be required over the life of the product. The screen filter should be cleaned with water each season.

What is the lifespan of Noria

Noria will have an average lifespan of about 10 years depending on the amount of use it gets.

Can Noria be installed in an RV or another vehicle?

Not at the moment. RV installation will require a custom adapter that we haven't provisioned for. If you decided to modify Noria or it's adapter in any way that's up to you but it won't be UL certified for safety.

Can Noria be installed directly into a wall?

We ask that Noria is installed per our directions in a single or double-hung window. If you decided to modify it in any way that's up to you but it won't be UL certified for safety.

Does Noria come with a surge protector?

There is an LCDI plug on our 6 foot cable per UL requirements.

What type of cable/plug will Noria have?

Noria comes with a 6' power cord that features an LCDI 3-prong plug suitable for 120V outlets.

What material is Noria constructed from?

Materials will mainly be painted metal and a minimal amount of UV-resistant plastic. All materials will be in compliance with Underwriter Laboratories requirements for rain, corrosion, and UV resistance.

How did you come up with the name "Noria"?

We considered hundreds of words using an anagram generator. Noria came up, and it turned out to be an old, unused dictionary word for a type of water wheel. Since our internal fans and dial-display all look a bit like wheels, we thought it was a fitting name!